Star Gaze Star Party, Sept. 25, 2001, just after 9/11

A Public star party put on by the Spokane Astronomical Society.

Star Gaze was a smaller group of telescopes and visitors. But what it lacked in quantity it well made up for in the eagerness of the crowd and the amateur astronomers. It was a gentle night of viewing. There wasnít the quick run from telescope to telescope like before. People were soft, kind and inquisitive. They lingered asking questions and found some peace in what they saw. Within our own group what had transpired a week or so ago (Sept 11th, 2001), was checked at the door and we rallied with laughter, sharing and giving of ourselves to the silent quiet faces of the night. It didnít matter if the night sky had to much town glow or that the moon took away some of the darkness. The fact that each person was there and in good spirits mattered. The fact that a small group of people could for an evening cast away the sadness of lately and create the joy and love for astronomy and offer it to a stranger. A little piece of America was right here in a field on a cloudless night. Itís way I love Astronomy so.


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