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                                                      April 20, 2002

Oh the slowness of this morn,

Oh my body how it scorns.

Oh the pain within my frame.

All because I ran insane,

Chasing light beams instead of  sleep

Rather than counting sheep.

Am I crazy, am I touched?

Will this all be too much?

To venture out into the cold,

Knowing of my bodyís old.

To stand steadfast facing north.

To see light curtains coming forth.

I bundled up for head to toe,

I grabbed my gear all ready go,

That I might venture into the night,

To capture such a wondrous sight.

Of yellows, pinks and greens abound.

Oh what joys I have found.

Of flickers, shimmers and dancing toes,

Delighting senses, heaven knows.

Thanks to Kodak and Fuji too.

To friends who call and say Yahoo.

Tripod, shutter, speed in sink,

Aperture, infinity all a link,

Just to capture flaming light

Of the beautiful aurora night.


One night will not douse the fire.

It can not quench my desire.

I will repeat this again you see.

Its very much apart of me.

Like breathing, smiling and waking up.

Like having to pick a buttercup.

Itís to late for common sense.

Itís to late to make sense of sense.

I am bound by my desire too.

To go forth and follow true.

The colors of the night light see.

To find myself outside in glee.

Searching for the prefect shot.

Looking for that one color slot.

To capture on my film and then,

Smile ever so happy when,

I glance upon my picture shot.

Knowing that I have it got.

And hoping others will find it so,

By make there day a tell and show.

And so this story does not end.

For when its dark itís time again.

To walk the walk and photo all,

To answer to the aurora call.

A snap, a click, a promise too.

This is what I love to do.


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