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                OIL PAINTINGS

Fly Away 2.jpg (53573 bytes)

"Fly Away Home" 


The cloud on the right looks like a butterfly. It gave me the idea.

Butterfly.jpg (28093 bytes) Blue Twilight copy.jpg (43276 bytes)  

"Blue Twilight"



The Seeding of the Universe.jpg (40775 bytes)

Which came first the seed or the chicken? 

"Seeding of the Universe"

Jump Start.jpg (55408 bytes)

How did the Universe start? One burst of power? 

"Jump Start"  

eagle_and_pleiades.jpg (154815 bytes)

"Eagle and the Pleiades"


Ribet.jpg (70676 bytes)

 "Waiting for Super" 

Lone Stack.jpg (27039 bytes)

" Lone Stack"


Ocean Crest 2.jpg (68309 bytes)

 "Ocean Crest"

Rented View.jpg (57029 bytes)

"Rented View"  

1968 San Francisco Apartment

Tides Out.jpg (87573 bytes)     " Tide Out"

     Pencil, 1972

Blue Mist.jpg (46959 bytes)

 "Blue Mist"

Breath 1.jpg (56168 bytes)



        Quilts have been a passion of mine for years.  I started out with the basic squares and as the year folded over I found myself having to do more difficult quilts just to keep my interest up. The photographs don't do them justice but you can get the idea.
Keeping Watch.jpg (80819 bytes) My Dad was once in the Coast Guard so I made him a quilt of sea and land.  He also loves to travel now and this light house can bring him home.    5/02 Baby Quilt.jpg (54152 bytes) My first baby, baby blanket.  I usually wait till a child is a year old and I get to know him or her better.  But this one was for a newborn.  12/02