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IMG_5740.jpg (52077 bytes) ANIMALS 




  Wires Crossed.jpg (26209 bytes)  LINES 
A Beginning 2004-12-18 _0024.jpg (39185 bytes) CLOUD FORMATION    Ocean World 
Skylight.jpg (36804 bytes)  FOREST Hello.jpg (41351 bytes)  PEOPLE

Five Explorers a.jpg (67842 bytes)

 FOUR OR FIVE Me and My Shadow.jpg (51085 bytes)   SWANS AND MORE
Circular Rings.jpg (18266 bytes) INNER SPACE

Square and Trangles 2005-2-06_0564_.jpg (109341 bytes)

three Layers.jpg (76714 bytes) IMAGINATION  Sillo-rays.jpg (28036 bytes) WATER

Photos are captured moments in time. 



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IMG_7781.jpg (46431 bytes) IMG_7783.jpg (51076 bytes) IMG_7793.jpg (66981 bytes) IMG_7795.jpg (70264 bytes) IMG_7796.jpg (70271 bytes)
IMG_1722.jpg (53969 bytes) IMG_1572.jpg (75310 bytes) IMG_1753.jpg (122572 bytes) IMG_4059.jpg (53589 bytes)


IMG_1712.jpg (49864 bytes) 

 "Tongue and Cheek"


 SQUIRREL WORLD  IMG_7546.jpg (79554 bytes)

gray squirrel

IMG_5740.jpg (52077 bytes)

brown squirrel 

IMG_5677.jpg (71227 bytes)


IMG_5679.jpg (64750 bytes) IMG_5681.jpg (68921 bytes)
  IMG_5750.jpg (54622 bytes) IMG_7068.jpg (83619 bytes)

Three Stall, three Squirrels

IMG_5717.jpg (59506 bytes)




IMG_7632.jpg (64349 bytes) IMG_7633.jpg (75063 bytes) IMG_7635.jpg (81598 bytes) IMG_7637.jpg (83327 bytes)  
  Newport Pier IMG_6114.jpg (110742 bytes)        

Winter Munch.jpg (25035 bytes)

It had been snowing all day and I guess this fellow didn't care.

 "Winter Munch"

What.jpg (42329 bytes)

He spotted me in the kitchen window. 


Albino deer.jpg (60796 bytes)

"Albino Deer"

We watched this albino deer grow from a yearling into an adult male.  When it was small it was very white but after he went through its first season it color changed to a darker brown. 


Albino Male Deer 2a.jpg (52644 bytes)


He never quite changed into the normal reddish brown like the other deer. 

"Albino Deer"

Albino-Male-Deer.jpg (24398 bytes)

We saw him for two years. I wonder what his fate was?

"Albino Deer All Grown Up"

Where-is-Mom.jpg (27728 bytes)


I have a bird feeder in my yard and the deer come in for there daily treats. 

"Where is Mom"

Fish in Bedroom.jpg (59071 bytes)

"Fish in the Bedroom"

This is what double exposure does for you.  San Diego Zoo and my Mom's bedroom.  

Towel-Please.jpg (30763 bytes)

I caught this duck shaking off the water.

"Towel Please"

Seagull Shoe Prints.jpg (65646 bytes)  "Seagull Shoe Prints in the Sand"
Can I Come In.jpg (62113 bytes)

We had torn down the back porch steps to make new ones.  The railing post was still up.  So, Motor Mouth, called this because he purrs so loud, wanted to know how to get in.

 "Can I Come In"

In Memory of a wonderful Cat.

Mama-Racoon.jpg (30569 bytes)

We had a visiting raccoon that I called Mama. Mother Nature usually weeds out the injured animal in time.  She had a paw that had been injured or was deformed. I don't know how she made it.  She came around for three years and raised three families.  Sometimes determination brakes rules.

 "Mama Raccoon"

Gentle Hand.jpg (30620 bytes)

Living on a farm you get to meet the nicest people. This frog allowed my son to get a grand look before letting him go.

 "Gentle Hand"

Trust.jpg (37104 bytes)


Waiting.jpg (31770 bytes)


Up Up and Away.jpg (49931 bytes)

This frog found its way onto my sons shirt.  

 "Up Up and Away"

Beluga Whales

Pt. Defiance Zoo

Tacoma, Washington

Hello.jpg (41351 bytes)

This Beluga loved to talk to children.  He would pop his jaw at the kids in jest.  I saw him do it to several children. Pt. Defiance Zoo, Tacoma Washington.


Communication.jpg (35450 bytes)

 Wonder at its finest. 


Air Bubbles.jpg (43101 bytes)

At the Aquarium you can see the belugas through a big window.  

 "Air Bubbles"

Sailing.jpg (23564 bytes)

 Note the shape of the body. 


Up Close and Personal.jpg (35252 bytes)

 "Up Close and Personal"

Voice.jpg (27257 bytes)

I wonder what he wants to say?



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A Break in the Seam 2004-12-18_0028.jpg (37120 bytes)

These pictures were taken at a sunrise.  There was a dense fog this winter day but the sun managed to find a way out.

"A Break in the Seam"

A Beginning 2004-12-18 _0024.jpg (39185 bytes)

"A Beginning"

Rising Sun 2004-12-18_0031.jpg (35110 bytes)

 " Rising Sun"

Yellow Light 2004-12-18 _0029.jpg (52451 bytes)

" Yellow Light"

I am always Wowed by the many faces of the clouds. 






Swirling.jpg (75395 bytes)

How does the wind create these small little clouds?


Cloud Seedlings.jpg (66303 bytes)

What action of the wind creates this pattern?

"Cloud Seedlings"

Cloud Carpet.jpg (53905 bytes)

I am above the fog and clouds. Hurricane Ridge, Washington

"Cloud Carpet"

Paper Thin Lines 2--5-1-22_0360.jpg (38219 bytes)

"Paper Thin Lines"

Slice of Orange.jpg (26153 bytes)

After a dust storm the eyes get a treat.

 "Slice of Orange"

Hole in the Wall  2005-1-24 -0437.jpg (38271 bytes)

Some times the pattern is in the blue sky, not the clouds. 

"Hole in the wall"

Caught 2005-2-04_0543.jpg (32547 bytes)  


Sundogs Chasing Clouds.jpg (50849 bytes)


"Sun Dog Chasing Clouds"

Halo copy.jpg (32746 bytes)

" Halo"

Halo's due to reflection and refraction of sunlight in atmospheric ice crystals.

Crystal Halo.jpg (30461 bytes)

 "Crystal Halo"

Cirrostratus nebulosus with halo

White Mushroom copy.jpg (44826 bytes) " White Mushroom"


Black Bandits.jpg (23668 bytes)

 "Black Bandits"

Silver Lining.jpg (26944 bytes)

 "Silver Lining"

Figure Eight.jpg (39950 bytes)

 "Figure Eight"


Deepening.jpg (24299 bytes)  "Deepening"  Sun Dog, Table Mt.jpg (37550 bytes)

 "Sun Dog"




Last Call.jpg (26276 bytes)

Sunset at it's fines.

" Last Call"

Aurora Dome.jpg (26602 bytes)

Nature tends to repeat itself in different ways.

"Aurora Dome"

Under Beam.jpg (32240 bytes)

I caught the sun trying to claim one last part of the sky.  


" Under Beam"

Puff the Magic Dragon.jpg (30354 bytes)

I love how the light dances in and out of the clouds causing soft changes of color. 

"Puff the Magic Dragon"

The Tide Rolls In.jpg (36923 bytes)

It amazes me what acts of creativity the wind can perform and how the similarity of the lines.

"The Tide Rolling In"

Stratocumulus undulatus

Close up of Tide Rolls In.jpg (25787 bytes)  "Close Up of Tide Rolling In"
Popcorn Clouds.jpg (43864 bytes)

 I marvel at the creativity of the wind and how it dances about the clouds to create it's own pattern.

 "Popcorn Clouds"

Sun Bathed.jpg (28372 bytes)

Clouds glow pink, yellow, orange, and red when the sunlight has been reddened by atmospheric absorption and the scattering of light.

 "Sun Bathed"

Sunset in the Heavens.jpg (31994 bytes)

After the sun set the clouds caught the last bit of light and color. 

 " Sunset in the Heavens"

Ocean Waves.jpg (57047 bytes)

What kind of wind action created these waves of clouds?

 "Ocean Waves"

Altocumulus undulatus

Sun Dogs.jpg (36500 bytes)

Sundogs, (parhelia) are bright, colorful spots in cirrus clouds. They are on either side of the sun at the same altitude as the sun.

Desert Power.jpg (39942 bytes)

A summer thunderstorm over the desert. They are called mammary formations created by strong down drafts. They projects stable layer underneath. 

 "Desert Power" 

The Power of Color.jpg (74795 bytes)

Notice how the clouds create a false horizon in the middle of the picture.  The Blue sky below looks like water and it appears to reflect the sky.

 "The Power of Color" 

All Most a Rainbow.jpg (54119 bytes)

I was leaving town on a vacation when I captured this.  Later I heard that this storm created a small tornado.

"Almost a Rainbow"

Puff.jpg (58438 bytes)



Sun Retreating.jpg (43204 bytes)

 "Sun Retreating"

two rainbows2a.jpg (60121 bytes)

Water droplets on parade.

Two Rainbows"

Skyward.jpg (40657 bytes)


Mt. st. Helens.jpg (43378 bytes)

A year after Mt. St. Helens blew I took trip over to see it. I bought this photo in Randle, near by.  They said this is what it looked like after it blew.   I don't know who took it. 

Reflection.jpg (43257 bytes)

The sun has gone down below the horizon but its rays still find there way up under the clouds. Known as Pillars.

 " Under Reflection"


 "It is thought that extremely energetic convection penetrates a moist horizontal layer to uplift up into the vertical. Near instantaneous condensation makes the skirt-like layers visible. "Color and Light In Nature" by Lynch and Livingston

orange sunset slide.jpg (43166 bytes)

Moments like this when the sun lights the evening sky I see love

 "Orange Sunset"

Drifting.jpg (57182 bytes)

Clouds can be just cloud until you add color and then they take on a life of there own.


Bird's Freedom.jpg (64148 bytes)

This is one of my favorites.  I love the idea of being able to fly freely through the clouds like this bird.

 "Bird's Freedom"





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IMG_6201.jpg (143549 bytes)  "Beverly Beach Campgrounds, Oregon"

Walk along side of the campgrounds. So beautiful.

Moon Day.jpg (51286 bytes)  "Moon Day"    
Nature Reclaims.jpg (51095 bytes)

 "Nature Reclaims"

Crystal Clear.jpg (59837 bytes)

 "Crystal Clear"

Fall Patch Quilt.jpg (118934 bytes)

 "Fall Patch Quilt"

Tamarack needles turn yellow in the fall. Whole hill sides are yellow.

Silent Color.jpg (87688 bytes)

"Silent Color"

Forest 2aa.jpg (61600 bytes)

The light filtering down through the trees creates the most soft color light.

"Gentle Spirit"

Pine Cone Factory.jpg (50317 bytes)

 "Pine Cone Factory"

Pine-Needle-2.jpg (47228 bytes)

Spokane Riverside State Park, Washington

 "Pine Needle Bed"

Gentle-Green-2.jpg (59018 bytes)

Upper Priest Lake, Idaho

 "Gentle Green"

Greem Forest 2.jpg (50777 bytes)

I find beauty in just one color.  It is spring time and the tree is all new and fresh.

 "Green on Trees"

Oval-Rock.jpg (38999 bytes)

This oval rock, three feet high, stood cradled in the rocks.  I wanted to bring it home.  How much water did it take to make this rock its shape? Deception Falls, Stevens Pass, Washington

 "Oval Rock"

The-Thicket-1.jpg (41701 bytes)

My imagination wonders who lives here and plays among the roots. Quinns Hot Springs, Montana

 "The Thicket"

The-Cobble-Stone-Path-1.jpg (62030 bytes)

Japanese Gardens, Portland Oregon

 "Cobble Stone Path"


Moisture-a.jpg (36341 bytes)

The Columbia Gorge in the spring time will take your breath away.  Fifty miles from Portland Oregon on the Columbia River the area has 11 water falls for one to see, visit or walk up to.  


Divided.jpg (50677 bytes)

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon


Skylight.jpg (36804 bytes)

Try laying down in the forest and look up. You will be treated to a new perspective.  Even different times of the day will bring you a new insight.


Blue-Pond.jpg (38948 bytes)

At Big Meadows Campground just six miles west of Ione, Washington, cradled in the mountains, is a man made lake and ponds.  A fire lookout tower gives you a birds eye view. 

 "Blue Pond"

Smoky Sunset.jpg (51992 bytes)

With several forest fires blazing through out the state the days became reminders of  what the forest was experiencing.

 "Smoke Sunset"

sunrise home slide.jpg (20846 bytes)

In the still of a morning beginning remaining fog filters the sunlight. 

"Morning Sunrise"

Ivory-Waterfalls.jpg (41384 bytes)

Tumwater, Washington

 "Ivory Waterfalls"

Green-on-Trees.jpg (58561 bytes)

I marvel at the complexity of making just one leaf and then when thousands are added together the mind is over treated to beauty.

 "Green on Trees"




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Five Explorers a.jpg (67842 bytes)

Through the years of taking photos I seem to be drawn to the beauty of persons or birds in a row.  What drew them to make this choice?  

 "Five Explores"

Pegicans-in-Flight.jpg (61278 bytes)

These pelicans followed each other. What was the game?


Off-to-the-Water.jpg (25100 bytes)

The father Swan had a crippled leg ( in the rear) but off they went to the lake.  He hobbled with great effort.  But....

flight.jpg (63129 bytes)

Manito Park, Spokane, Wa


Father Watching.jpg (36342 bytes)

when he got into the water his handy cap melted away.  He moved with great grace.  

 "Proud Father "

Follow The Leader.jpg (60699 bytes)

 "Follow the Leader"




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They say its not nice to fool with Mother Nature but I had some fun here with some Pictures of Ice on a puddle in the alley.  It is amazing how Mother Nature repeats his or her self.
Water Nebula (small).jpg (78171 bytes) "Water Nebula" Water Nebula (small) Section.jpg (23966 bytes) Blown up section
There is always a picture within a picture.  This right side is a blown up portion of the photo.
Inner Space.jpg (102669 bytes) "Inner Space" Inner Space, Section.jpg (34344 bytes) Blown up section
Blue Duster (small).jpg (73493 bytes) 'Blue Duster" Blue Duster - Section.jpg (66309 bytes) Blown up section
I added some color and let them be what they may.
When You Wish......jpg (76163 bytes) "When You Wish ...... When You Wish....., section.jpg (16299 bytes) Blown up section
Circular Rings.jpg (85589 bytes) "Circular Rings" Circular Rings.jpg (18266 bytes)


Blown up section

It kind of looks like a statue.




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I enjoy finding look a likes. IMG_3330.jpg (42938 bytes)

A Seal frozen in time.

IMG_4882.jpg (35383 bytes) "Howling Dog" 

Bandon Beach, Oregon

Under Belly 2005-1-30_0510_.jpg (33332 bytes)

I am always fascinated by the way the wind carves the clouds.

"Under Belly"

Wind Drawings 2005-1-30 _0510_2 copy 3.jpg (29276 bytes)

A closer look finds a pattern.

"Wind Drawings"

Ribbons 2005-1-30 _0510_2 copy 4.jpg (26781 bytes)

Clouds appear to fold onto each other.  How does the clouds keep separated in  these shapes?  I suppose there is some scientific explanation but it still "wows" me.

" Ribbons"

      Ocean Swells 2005-1-30_0510_2 copy 5.jpg (16264 bytes)

Close up the mind starts to look for familiar objects.  What do you see? 


Floating waves 2005-1-24_0442 copy.jpg (39430 bytes)

Sometimes upside down looks like right side up.

"Floating Waves"

This picture was turned upside down.

three Layers.jpg (76714 bytes)

Before your brain starts trying to figure this out,  notice the blue hills in the middle. 

Notice the next picture.

"Three Layers"

Hurricane Ridge Right side up.jpg (77496 bytes)

Now look at the right way and you still see blue mountains.

"Hurricane Ridge" Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Monkey 2005 1-24_0439.jpg (57957 bytes)

" Monkey"

Hole 2005-1-24 _0438.jpg (55621 bytes)


Keyhole.jpg (29920 bytes)

"Key Hole"

Hole in the Wall  2005-1-24 -0437.jpg (38271 bytes)

"Hole in the Wall"

Mountian Echo.jpg (91208 bytes)

 " Mountain Echo"  

 In the Fall

Sullivan Lake, Washington

Upside Down Cake.jpg (79376 bytes)

" Upside Down Cake"

The orange trees are Tamarack's which needles turn yellow in the fall and drop off.

 Sullivan Lake, Washington

Hill and Dale, Medium copy.jpg (68192 bytes)


"Hill and Dale"

Enlarge the picture to the left and see what these clouds resemble.  Its amazing how light, and the angle of the light can create dimension.

Hill and Dale, closeup.jpg (35693 bytes)


" Hill and Dale close up"

Here is a close up of that same cloud.  Watch how your eyes and mind take you up the valley. 

Hill and Dale, main.jpg (27575 bytes) On this one I zoom back to get a picture of the whole cloud structure.
Which Is Down.jpg (77334 bytes)

"Which picture is right side up or..."  

         Upside down?.................

Which Is Up.jpg (75970 bytes)

 Reflection can really play with your perception of reality. Is the first picture the right way, or the second?

Devil's Tower copy.jpg (38378 bytes)

 " Devil's Tower"

Sullivan Lake, Washington

Circular Rings.jpg (85589 bytes)

 "Circular Rings"

If you stare at this your mind tries to find recognizable objects. 


Frozen-Dinosaur.jpg (26961 bytes)

When you are walking in the woods just look around for the hidden animal. Do they wait for some magical time to reappear? 

Marblemount, Washington

 "Frozen Dragon"

Wooden Rainbow 2.jpg (60316 bytes)

Mother Nature repeats herself in many forms. Lake Gillette, Washington

 "Wooden Rainbow"

Hidden-Lizard.jpg (52449 bytes)

This is a hug rock but if you allow your imagination to wander.....

 "Hidden Lizard"

Lizard-Rock.jpg (58044 bytes)

Another angle.

Blue Lake, Washington

 "Hidden Lizard"

Wooden-Dragon-2.jpg (48000 bytes)

In the spring when the grass on the floor of the woods is still green and winter has been left behind you can walk among the tall pines and allow your imagination to be free. 

Lake Gillette, Washington

 "Wooden Dragon"

Rainbow Spider Web.jpg (56467 bytes)

Fragments of rainbow in a spider web.

 "Rainbow Spider Web"

The Power of Color.jpg (74795 bytes)

When you look at this one notice how the middle clouds divide the picture and the sky under the lower clouds looks like water reflecting the sunset. 

 "The Power of Color"

Secret-Boat--2.jpg (47370 bytes)

When the water is still it allows the repeat of that which is above.

 "Secret Boat"


Lion Awaiting Discovery 2.jpg (63148 bytes)

I wanted him to move, just a little bit so that I might know he was really there.

 "Lion Awaiting Discovery"

Romulan-War-Bird.jpg (32134 bytes)

Clouds tease the mind. 

 "Romulan War Bird"




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When you look at a landscapes, do you see the lines within the picture?  Do you see how lines take you on a journey through the picture and treat the mind to beauty? These are taken on the same morning, with an inversion as a equalizer.  

Ever Mint.jpg (59129 bytes)

Next years wheat crop.

"Ever Mint"

Hazy Green.jpg (48194 bytes)

"Hazy Green"

Ribbons.jpg (77584 bytes)

The fall cutting and next years sprouts. "Ribbons"

Golden Trails.jpg (62898 bytes)

"Golden Trail"

Enversion.jpg (31432 bytes)


Wires Crossed.jpg (26209 bytes)

Note how the power lines divide the sky.  Also note  the picture is upside down.

"Wires Crossed"


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IMG_7033.jpg (32709 bytes) Paragliding on the beach      
IMG_7349.jpg (51368 bytes) IMG_7359.jpg (68236 bytes)    
IMG_6911.jpg (65640 bytes) IMG_6931.jpg (66296 bytes)   "Forgerty St. Park, Oregon
WAVE ACTION IMG_4297.jpg (102745 bytes)    

Kids on the Beach

IMG_6503.jpg (25233 bytes) IMG_6457.jpg (41330 bytes) IMG_6466.jpg (30443 bytes) IMG_6502.jpg (26707 bytes) IMG_6448.jpg (40230 bytes)

Animal kids

IMG_5025.jpg (37641 bytes) IMG_5027.jpg (35739 bytes) IMG_5038.jpg (35032 bytes) IMG_5040.jpg (65969 bytes) The joy of being a Dog.












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Trust and Wonder.jpg (53507 bytes) 

Newport Aquarium, 

Newport, Oregon

At the aquarium they created a glass tunnel that you walk through. There is glass above you, to the sides and underneath your feet.. The adults were too afraid to step on the glass. They walked around the edges.  But not this little one. 

"Trust and Wonder"

Stingray.jpg (82866 bytes)

Taken at "Newport Aquarium" at Newport, Oregon. This is what the child was looking for. We were under glass, not the fish.  I just wanted to stay and watch.


Hello.jpg (41351 bytes)

Pt. Defiance Zoo, 

Tacoma Washington.

The Beluga loved to talk to children.  He would pop his jaw at the kids in jest.  I saw him do it to several times.. 


Communication.jpg (35450 bytes)

For more photos of Belugas go to: Animals and More


Glidding.jpg (78997 bytes)

Big Meadows Campground


Dirty Dancing Want a Be.jpg (35095 bytes)

 "Dirty Dancing Want a Be"




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IMG_3352.jpg (79854 bytes)   "A sand and rock sculpture created by the wind."    
Floating Rock.jpg (43070 bytes) "Floating Rock" Water Glitter 2005-2-06 _0561.jpg (59579 bytes) "Water Glitter"

Wind, ice and water carve delights for the eyes...........

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

rock,-temp-a.jpg (72373 bytes)

Notice how the ocean and wind has created different shape rocks. These are 20 ft. high. The picture to the right is 20 years earlier.  yr. 2000 Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

 "Creative Boulders"

Rock 20 yrs. 1 ago.jpg (76454 bytes)

The side of the rock has sheered off.  This was taken in 1977.  

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

Shore Acres St. Park, Oregon

Shore-Acres-St.-Park.jpg (64931 bytes)

I marvel how mother nature has so much fun sculpturing different kinds of rocks into the most wondrous shapes. Note enlargement to the right.

Shore Acres St. Park, Oregon

Shore-Acres-St.-Park-close-.jpg (63166 bytes)

To me this looks like a village in Peru or Incas. Wind and water make a fine sculpture.

Shore Ares St. Park, Oregon

Just-a-Touch-of-Black.jpg (40434 bytes)

On going erosion between hard and soft.

 "A Touch of Black"


Sunset Bay St. Park, Oregon

Carving-1.jpg (33294 bytes)

What a creative world we live in.


Carved-Rock.jpg (54264 bytes)

This rock has separated from the rest.  I would have brought it home but it was 6 feet long.

 "Carved Rock"

Discovery.jpg (64595 bytes)

This rock is a contradiction.  What has happened to dig out the center and leave the rest still intact. Its five feet long.


Discovery-Close-up.jpg (51271 bytes)

A close up of the side wall of the rock.

"Discovery up Close"

Sideways-Bowl.jpg (46401 bytes)

Now if this rock formation was laying down flat you might think a rock might have carved it out but its sideways just like the one above it. Wonder how it was formed? 5 Ft long

 "Sideways Bowl"


Rialto Beach, Washington

Reato-Beach,-Wa.-copy.jpg (29690 bytes)

This is about 8 ft across. When you mix two different kinds of rock, the patterns can begin.

Standing-Alone.jpg (25498 bytes)

These two large boulders were standing alone on a long beach. 

"Standing Alone"

Stepping-Stone.jpg (59945 bytes)

Four feet high and seven feet long. It faced the ocean, waiting for the next tide.

"Stepping Stone"



SWANS AND MORE back to top


Swanning.jpg (63445 bytes)


Land Time.jpg (62025 bytes) 

Land Time

2 Pack  A copy.jpg (53977 bytes)

Two Pack

Tall.jpg (46773 bytes) Tall
At Manito Park, in Spokane Washington I found four beautiful Mute swans doing what they do best, Swaning. They had an air about them, they were confident and secure.  They were not afraid of anything and the other birds, Canadian Geese, ducks and sea gulls seem to agree. I used my telephoto to get these shots but I wasn't more than four feet from them at times. They didn't seem to mind.  Most of these pictures are of one swan that came to shore in front of me while I was sitting on the ground. He seem to know exactly what I was doing and gave me quit a show.
Arch.jpg (13610 bytes) 


Blue Twilight.jpg (19321 bytes) 

Blue Twilight

Question Mark.jpg (17685 bytes)

Question Mark

Coiled.jpg (17959 bytes)



A Complete Circle.jpg (14438 bytes)       Complete Circle White on White.jpg (26568 bytes)

White on White

There neck and bill become the hands.  I watched as one spent a considerable amount of time priming the feathers.
A Breast of Things.jpg (30443 bytes)

A Breast of Things

Between the Layers.jpg (33656 bytes)

Between the Layers

House Cleaning.jpg (22531 bytes) 

House Cleaning

Face On.jpg (26631 bytes) 

Face On

After 20 minutes of cleaning this fine gentleman held his head still and let me take a picture of him.  

The magic of their beauty held me spell bound.  Everyone that came to see them left moved by there presence, old and young. Like everyone else I could not express what I was experiencing.  One gentleman held out his right leg trying to get the swan to do the same.  The swan looked at him and then continued cleaning.  People were silent around them showing them respect and great care.   
Me and My Shadow.jpg (51085 bytes)

Me and My Shadow

Column.jpg (21893 bytes) Column Pure Beauty.jpg (19956 bytes) 

Pure Beauty

A Float.jpg (51082 bytes)

A Float

Other birds shared the beauty of Pond.


D - Blue On Green (small).jpg (55897 bytes)

Blue on Green

This beautiful blue duck was the only one there of its kind.  It deep blue feathers seemed almost out of place compared to the brown ducks near by. D - Light on Feathers.jpg (40354 bytes)

Light on Feathers

C -Balance.jpg (32029 bytes)

Balance - Canadian Goose

I had always watched the Canadian Geese fly over going north or feed on the fields up by my home.  To be just a short distance from them, admiring them up close was quite a treat.  C- Grooming.jpg (42276 bytes)

Grooming - Canadian Geese

I love how they made patterns with the silhouette of their bodies. Necks tuck in so nicely.
C- Shadow Maker.jpg (38690 bytes)

Shadow Maker 

Canadian Goose

At some point the shadows and the colors of the background become stronger than the bird itself. D - Bottoms Up.jpg (43920 bytes)

Bottoms Up

Eating is such busy work.  This little fellow was more down than up.  I wonder how they can hold there breath and eat at the same time?




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A trip to northern Idaho, Lake Pend Orielle, Idaho
Pond Orielle L. Cloud Shadows 2005-2-06 _0556.jpg (29864 bytes)

Pack River Flats Refuge 2005-2-06 _0552.jpg (67199 bytes)

Pend Orielle Lake, 

Pack River Flats Refuge, Idaho

David Thompson Game Reserve 2005-2-06 0580 copy.jpg (34580 bytes)
Drifting 2005-2-06 _0581.jpg (23186 bytes) Lake Pend Orielle Becon 2005-2-06_0559.jpg (24305 bytes) Sun Curtian 2005-2-06_0572.jpg (28317 bytes)
blanketing 2005-2-06 _0590_2.jpg (21286 bytes) Falling Curtian 2005-2-06 _0587.jpg (24393 bytes) Pend Orielle Lake 2005-2-06_0606_2.jpg (24173 bytes) Sun Curtian 2005-2-06_0572.jpg (28317 bytes)
Dave Thompson Game Reserve 2--2005-2-06 _0577 copy.jpg (26235 bytes)

David Thompson Game Reserve, Lake Pend Orielle, Idaho

Torch 2005-2-06_0591.jpg (29480 bytes) Spotlight 2005-02-06_0559.jpg (18025 bytes)
Foam Receeding.jpg (93675 bytes)

"Foam Receding"

The beach.

Bouncing Golden.jpg (28436 bytes) 

"Bouncing Golden"

Westport, Washington


Sunbeam.jpg (40146 bytes)


Westport, Washington

Last Gimmer.jpg (42955 bytes)  

"The Last Glimmer"

Westport, Washington


Hide and Go Seek.jpg (29608 bytes)

"Hide and Go Seek"

Westport, Washington

Sillo-rays.jpg (28036 bytes)

"Silo Rays"

Westport, Washington

Collapsed Water.jpg (43291 bytes)

"Collapsing Water"

Rialto Beach, Washington coast

The Last Walk.jpg (50145 bytes)

"The Last Walk"

Westport, Washington

Cloud Celling.jpg (51367 bytes)  "Cloud Ceiling" Gentle Side.jpg (51548 bytes)

The "Gentle Side" of the Ocean

Straight As An Arrow.jpg (96117 bytes)

When one wave meets another wave......"Straight As An Arrow"

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.jpg (93202 bytes)

Fan Lake, Washington

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"


Glassy Water.jpg (42256 bytes)

"Glassy Water"

Fan Lake, Washington

Little River.jpg (67045 bytes) Little Spokane River coming out of Fan Lake

"Little River"


Reflective Energy.jpg (36866 bytes)

" Reflective Energy"

Where is the horizon on this one?  Or maybe there is no horizon here at all. A wave and reflection on the beach.

Beverly Beach, Oregon

Slipping.jpg (22137 bytes)

 " Slipping"

A moment before its all gone for the day. Does the day want to hold on and sends out a last hand of color?


The Edges.jpg (62717 bytes)

 "The Edges"

When the light is almost gone from the day, only slivers of color bounce on the beach.

Last Light copy.jpg (48516 bytes)

 " Last Light"

I wonder what this person is thinking as he or she stands watching the ball disappear behind the blue ball.

Little River.jpg (67045 bytes)

 "Little River"

Glassy Water.jpg (42256 bytes)

"Glassy Water" 

 Fan Lake, Washington

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.jpg (93202 bytes)  

 "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"


Sundogs Chasing Clouds.jpg (50849 bytes)

" Sundogs Chasing Clouds"

Three levels of water action.jpg (41078 bytes)

" Three levels of Water"

Note the white surf in the background, the churning water in the middle and the calm water up front.  Always action at the beach.

Shore Acres St. Park, Oregon

Sunset Beach.jpg (49864 bytes)

" Sunset Beach"

 Shore Acres St. Park, Oregon

Slumber Lake.jpg (47540 bytes)

If you would like to read a story about this lake, go to Stories " Mini Vacation"

 " Slumber Lake"

White-Foam.jpg (54088 bytes)

Shore Acres St. Park, Oregon

 "White Foam"

Flight.jpg (67463 bytes)

Seal Rock, Oregon


Emeral Green.jpg (80154 bytes)

Note one star fish among the rocks. 

Seal Rock, Oregon

"Emerald Green"

Waiting for Fisherman 2.jpg (34768 bytes)

Fish Trap Lake, Washington

 "Waiting for the Fisherman"

Under the Pier.jpg (32310 bytes)

The fog had rolled in and claimed the beauty of the sea but left the pier untouched.

Deception Pass St. Park, Whidbey Island, Washington

 "Under the Pier"

Dark and Light.jpg (53049 bytes)

The evening light drifts into the wall of water and leaves only the hint of the days events. 

Bandon St. Park, Oregon

 "Dark and Light"

Getting the Last Sea Shell.jpg (34414 bytes)

Letting go of the light is hard when you are walking the beach. 

Rialto Beach, Washington

 "Getting the Last Sea Shell"

On Golden Pond.jpg (38103 bytes)

Gentle comes the night onto the land and sea without a word. 

Rialto Beach, Washington

 "On Golden Pond"

Still-Waters.jpg (41743 bytes)

I love the way the reeds captures itself in the reflection. 

Pierre Lake, Washington

 "Still Waters"

Sweet-Water.jpg (40316 bytes)

Newhalem, Washington

 "Sweet Waters"

Stealing-the-Silence.jpg (69565 bytes)

In the quiet of an afternoon on a pond my husband caught only the beauty.

 Near George Washington, Washington

"Stealing the Silence"

Leaving.jpg (87777 bytes)

When I am at the ocean the seamless beauty transforms all my troubles into sweet nothings. 

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon


LIly Pads.jpg (62880 bytes)

Sacheen Lake, Washington 

 "Lily Pads"

Reflection.jpg (57208 bytes) Oregon Coast Sunset


Spray.jpg (61806 bytes)

Ruby Beach, Washington


Blue-Ice.jpg (36084 bytes)

Liquid blue at 

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

 "Blue Ice"


Forward-Wave.jpg (43166 bytes)

The ocean does not stop its movement forward.  Between to large rocks it pushes forever until the last bit of energy is spent.

 "Forward Wave"

Fire in the Sky.jpg (74345 bytes)

 Near Blaine, Washington 

 "Fire In the Sky"

Designs in Water.jpg (57879 bytes)

I enlarged a section of the " Fire in the Sky", notice the patterns and colors interacting.  Skypools, as these reflections are called  are distorted images of the sky.

 "Designs in the Water"

South Falls St. Park.jpg (53986 bytes)

A 2-3 mile hike takes you by 13 water falls of all sizes and shapes.

Silver Falls St. Park, Oregon


Silver Falls St. Park.jpg (57188 bytes)

A 2 - 3 mile walk takes you by 13 water falls of various sizes and shapes. 

Silver Falls St. Park, Oregon

Water.jpg (55694 bytes)

 "Snowqualmie Falls,             Washington

Water-Vibrations.jpg (34076 bytes)

If I were to turn this picture up side down, would you know the difference? 

Fan Lake, Washington

 "Water Vibration"



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